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QuarryWorks and The Frank Suchomel Memorial Arts Center


The Frank Suchomel Memorial Arts Center and QuarryWorks is a performing and visual arts organization, located in Central Vermont in the village of Adamant in the town of Calais, Vermont. This non-profit charity is an activity of the Adamant Community Cultural Foundation and is dedicated to the memory of Frank Suchomel who devoted his life to encouraging, creating, and sharing a commitment that musical, theatrical, and artistic creativity be shared with the community.  Musical concerts range from classical, contemporary, to experimental. Art exhibits highlight local artists welcoming the community to view a variety of visual art styles. Theatrical productions are presented by QuarryWorks, a community theater offering musical, children’s, original, and classical works.   Frank Suchomel’s vision was that the “arts are for everyone,” and in keeping with and building on Frank’s wishes the concerts, exhibits, and productions are offered free of charge to the community.   

Frank Suchomel at QuarryWorks Theater

The Anne Wasily and Vira Kolisch

Concert Experience

Date: June 3   |   Time: 7:30pm

Date: June 24   |   Time: 7:30pm

Date: August 5   |   Time: 7:30pm


Date: August 26   |   Time: 5:00pm

  Date: August 26   |    Time: 7:30pm

The Liz & Pat Moloney 

Performance Experience

The Musical 

Children's Production

Classic Production

with G. Richard Ames
The Fall Foliage Production

The James P.

& Genevieve M. McLaughlin

Arts Experience


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Phone: (802) 229 6978

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