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At the Frank Suchomel Memorial Arts Center (FSMAC), we believe that the arts should be accessible to all, free of charge. Our commitment to providing enriching cultural experiences to our community is made possible by the generous support of patrons like you.


As a nonprofit organization, we rely on the kindness and generosity of individuals who share our passion for the arts. Your donation, whether it's a one-time contribution or an ongoing commitment, plays a vital role in sustaining our mission and ensuring the continuation of exceptional performances, and inspiring exhibitions.


By donating to FSMAC, you are directly supporting the growth and development of talented artists, enabling us to curate diverse and engaging events that foster creativity and artistic expression. Your contribution helps us maintain our commitment to free admission, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their financial means, can experience the transformative power of the arts.


Every dollar makes a difference and brings us closer to our goal of nurturing a thriving arts community. Join us in making a lasting impact by making a donation today. Together, we can create a vibrant and inclusive cultural space that enriches lives, sparks imagination, and fosters a love for the arts.


Your support truly makes a difference, and we are immensely grateful for your generosity.


Thank you for helping us keep the arts alive and thriving at FSMAC!


Support us

Here are some ways you can donate

In Person

At any of our concerts, 

performances or exhibits


Make a tax deductible donation‏

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Over the Phone

It's easy to donate offline too

Tel: 802 229 6978

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