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The Liz and Pat Maloney Performance Experience

Our theatrical performances take place at the QuarryWorks theatre.

Reserve your free tickets to any of

our performances by calling or emailing us

two weeks prior to the opening date.

For directions to the venue, click here 

If you would like to support our organization,

please consider making a donation here

Our performances start promptly at 7:30pm, kindly ensure that you are seated by 7:25pm.

Masks are optional, if you are not well, kindly stay home.

Call Me Madam


Irving Berlin's Musical 

Venue: QuarryWorks

7:30pm                                 2pm

July, 6 - 8; 13 - 15.               July, 8 - 9; 15 - 16

Reservations begin June 22


Who says politics and romance don't mix? You will find the answer to that question in the musical "Call Me Madam." Appointed ambassador to the tiny nation of Lichtenburg Sally Adams upsets protocol, lives, and hearts playing by her own "diplomatic" rules aided by witty dialogue and a classic musical score with lyrics and music by Irving Berlin.


Children's Production


Venue: QuarryWorks

July, 22                                 July, 23

2pm & 5pm                          2pm & 5pm

Reservations begin July 8


You have never heard of Roxaboxen?  It is on a rocky hill made of sand and rocks. If you look hard enough you will see it is really a sparkling world of homes, streets, and two ice cream shops. All you need to go there is a soaring imagination.


On Golden Pond

Classic Production

Venue: QuarryWorks

7:30pm                                   2pm

August, 10 - 12; 17 - 19         August, 12 - 13; 19 - 20

Reservations begin July 27


This is the love story of Ethel and Norman Thayer, who are returning to their summer home on Golden Pond, Maine for the forty-eighth year. Time ,they know, is now against them, perhaps another summer on Golden Pond still awaits as patient as the loons on the pond that greet them.

G. Richard Ames

in Beast Friends: A Talk in the Woods


Venue: QuarryWorks

7:30pm                                     2pm

September, 7 - 9; 14 - 16        September, 9 - 10; 16

Reservations begin August 24

The Wolves of the Whispering Woods

Fall Foliage Production

Venue: QuarryWorks

October, 7 & 14          October, 8 & 15

2pm & 5pm                 2pm

Reservations begin September 24


Our Fall Foliage production finds the world is in disarray. Rumors abound of an ancient family of wolves linked to the disappearance of many within the confines of whispering woods. Is the evil within too much to overcome? 

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